Where did all the pencils go?


A tear formed in reality, through which came tiny specks.
The tear did then close up again, leaving onlookers perplexed.
The specks, they searched the land for pencils, high and low.
Coloured pencils of all sorts, though they preferred yellow.

They didn’t need the pencils, Chunkas would have done.
But Chunkas were to hard to find, so far they had but one.
Then they spied another pencil, beside a pot of glue.
And they liked the look of it, even though it was blue.

They crept up silently and hit behind the pot.
They planned to take it by surprise, which worked more often than not.
The specks, they leapt out yelling and grabbed the pencil tightly!
They dragged it back behind the pot, it only struggled lightly.

But they were surprised when a human man appeared!
He was looking for the pencil and its absence he found weird.
They wondered what to do… should they keep their prize?
The man did miss his pencil… they could see it in his eyes.

The right thing, they decided, was to set the pencil free.
Let it roll back to its human, where it could write in glee.
You see, they never took that which would be missed.
So if it was being used, then the specks had to resist.

So when a tear formed in reality, the specks were all quite sad.
They would go home pencil free… though their sock count wasn’t bad.
A tear closed in reality, the specks have all gone home.
The pencils are all safe, just be careful of your comb.


Craig A. Peters