Okay, Star Trek Discovery is a good show. Let me get that out of the way first. I’m enjoying it.


The Klingons suck. I needed to write this rant to get these thoughts out of my head. It’s been bugging me since the show began and I feel the need to put my thoughts about it into some sort of coherent order.

Firstly, what’s my problem with the Klingons? Well, they look silly. In particular, when they turn sideways you can really see they have huge bulbous cone heads. They don’t look like the fearsome warriors they are supposed to be. They just look stupid.

But more than that, I hate the fact that they were redesigned at all. I feel it was completely unnecessary, and to be honest, disrespectful.

Here’s why. It’s true that Star Trek has redesigned some of its aliens before. This isn’t the first time.

In Season 4: Episode 23 of The Next Generation, there was a character called Odan who was a Trill. Odan had forehead ridges and couldn’t use a transporter because it would damage the symbiont inside him.

Later, when when Deep Space Nine debuted, one of the main characters was a Trill, Jadzia Dax. But the Trill had been redesigned. Gone were the forehead ridges, now the Trill has spots across their forehead, down the side of their face and right down their back. The thing is, the Trill were never an important race before this. We had only seen one of them. They were a throwaway race in one mediocre episode. It didn’t matter that they were redesigned, and in fact, the new look was an improvement. Jadzia Dax was a beautiful character.

But the Klingons aren’t a throw-away race. They are argueably the most iconic alien race from all of Star Trek. The classic Trek villains. A lot of talented people spent a good many years – through TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT — building the Klingons up to a culturally rich, real, living alien species. They weren’t just another villain, they were Klingons.

But now Discovery has done is taken all that work and thrown it in the garbage, in favour of their own version of this iconic race. The Klingons were the most well known alien race from all of Star Trek, why would you mess with that?

Could you imagine if the creators of Discovery one day decide that the Vulcans didn’t have pointed ears anymore. Instead they had big floppy elephant ears. Why? No reason.

The fandom would be furious. But when they change the Klingons we’re just supposed to accept it? No thank you.

Like I said, I’m enjoying Discovery. It’s a great show. I’m intrigued to see where the Spore Drive/Stamets storyline will lead. But I do not and will never enjoy the look of these Klingons.

They should never have been redesigned in the first place.


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