My YouTube Journey

I uploaded my first YouTube Video 8 years ago, but I seriously began my journey as a YouTuber about 5 years ago. I started with Minecraft, and Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl, and now, five years later, I have over 1346 videos on my channel. But alas, there will be no more. I’m ending my journey.

I started YouTube to practise public speaking. Really that was the only reason. I used to be quite shy and I wanted to practise speaking in a way in which I knew anyone could go on and listen. YouTube was a safe form of public speaking because the audience isn’t right in front of me listening as I speak, but behind a screen in their own home.

And I think it worked. My favourite video, Craig Watches Craig Plays Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl, honestly shows how much my voice has changed. I’m much more confident now and that was my goal all along.

I took a break last year while I moved and recently tried to pick it up again with Dark Souls 3, but it very much feels like a chore now. I’ve always believed that if I don’t enjoy making videos then you won’t enjoy watching them, so I’m putting my YouTube channel on pause.

I’m not shutting it down completely, and I’m not deleting all the videos. I’ll leave them all there in case someone wants to go back and see what I used to be like, but my channel will no longer be updated.

Now, I’ve done a bit of redecorating. This might get confusing so pay attention. Previously I had two channels. My main channel, WhoIsCraig, was for Gaming and Lets Play videos. My secondary channel, Craigtopia, was for everything else. Silly little videos that didn’t fit on WhoIsCraig. But now I’ve renamed them.

WhoIsCraig is now ‘WhoIsCraig Archive‘. It’s archived because I’m leaving the videos there, but not updating the channel anymore.

Craigtopia is now WhoIsCraig. It’s now my main channel. However, don’t expect it to be updated daily. Or even weekly. Even monthly is pushing it.

Basically the focus of my life has changed. I’ve done more writing over the past month than I have over the past two years and its awesome. I’m really enjoying my life right now and I want to keep it that way.

I’ve thought about vlogging on YouTube but haven’t made any decisions yet. If I do, it will be on the newly renamed WhoIsCraig channel, so subscribe if you like. Or don’t, it’s okay either way.

I just wanted to keep you all informed.

Have fun!


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