New Short Story: Ted Was Dead

A long time ago I wrote a poem called Where Did All The Pencils Go?. I wrote it while I was at college studying programming. Marketing was one of those subjects they made you take, but nobody could see the relevance of (no offence to those of you who study marketing. Looking back on it, I wish I had paid more attention). At the time I found it so boring that during one lesson I wrote a poem instead. This poem became the previously presented Pencils prose. After giving it to a few friends, the feedback I got cited its similarity to Dr Seuss, which was completely unintentional.

Anyway, fast forward a few years to now. I fell into depression and stopped writing for a while, but if you read about my Positivity Month you’ll know I’m putting things back together and getting my life back on track again. To that end I’ve been writing a lot more lately than I ever have written before, and loving it.

This is where Ted was Dead comes in. Ted is a short story in which I intentionally tried to write in the Dr Seuss style. It turned out to be quite darker than regular Dr Seuss stories, but it makes me laugh and I love it a lot.

Ted was Dead is a short story about Jed, who tells his good friend Zed the news that Ted is dead. I absolutely love how this turned out so I hope you love it too.



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