Review: Glitch Season 1

Just watched this awesome Aussie supernatural show called Glitch.

I hadn’t heard of it before so it took me by surprise when I saw it on Netflix. Apparently it aired on regular TV a year ago here in Australia, but I must have missed it. I’m glad I found it though because it was truly awesome.

Okay, so the premise of the dead coming back to life seems to be the in-thing lately. There’s about three or four different versions of this kind of show, but this Aussie style really appealed to me. It seemed grounded in reality, which made it really appealing.

The writing and acting was awesome, and the moral implications were thought-provoking. If your wife dies and you remarry, then your dead wife comes back to life, who are you really married to?

Several questions were left unanswered, but they’re producing a second season and personally, I can’t wait.

Please check it out if you’re able to. I don’t know what regions it’s available in, but in my opinion this Aussie show deserves more recognition.


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