Australia Day: Yay or Nay?

FlagsAustralia Day is our national holiday. It’s a day to celebrate how awesome Straya is… at least it used to be. There’s a growing movement to move Australia Day, or even get rid of it all together. And, in my opinion, its all wrong. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first, a history lesson for my non-Aussie friends.

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New Short Story: Ted Was Dead

A long time ago I wrote a poem called Where Did All The Pencils Go?. I wrote it while I was at college studying programming. Marketing was one of those subjects they made you take, but nobody could see the relevance of (no offence to those of you who study marketing. Looking back on it, I wish I had paid more attention). At the time I found it so boring that during one lesson I wrote a poem instead. This poem became the previously presented Pencils prose. After giving it to a few friends, the feedback I got cited its similarity to Dr Seuss, which was completely unintentional. Read more “New Short Story: Ted Was Dead”


My Writer’s Toolbox

I am currently in the middle of reading On Writing, by Stephen King. In it, he talks about his Writer’s Toolbox which contains all the skills, tools, tips, tricks and rules he’s learnt over the years. Everything he has accumulated to help him write is in his toolbox, so I thought I’d go over a few of the items in my Writer’s Toolbox. I feel like I am still very much deciding what should go into my box, but there are a few things I’ve found extremely useful. Read more “My Writer’s Toolbox”